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Digipak CD

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1. Chosen
2. Deliver Us
3. SaviourS
4. One Reason
5. Almost Human

Bonus Tracks:

Chosen (Instrumental mix)
Deliver Us (Instrumental mix)
SaviourS (Instrumental mix)
One Reason (Instrumental mix)
Almost Human (Instrumental mix)
CloudLifter instrumental demo

Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster: Vocals
Robert Shawcross: Drums
Brent Stutsky: Bass
Sacha Laskow: Guitars and Programming

Music: Sacha Laskow
Lyrics: Jerrod Maxwell-Lyster Except 'Deliver Us' and 'Chosen' by: Kyle Rilkoff

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by: Sacha Laskow
Produced by Every Hour Kills Except:

'Chosen' Produced by Joey Sturgis and Every Hour Kills
'One Reason' Produced by Cameron Mizell and Every Hour Kills

Drums Engineered by Spencer Cheyne recorded at OCL Studios
Additional Drum Engineering by Jeff Dunne
Additional Guitar Engineering by Will Putney
Additional Vocal Production on 'Almost Human' by: Danny and Santino at FireRaven Productions

Guest vocals on 'Chosen': Kyle Rilkoff and Chris T (Shark Infested Daughters)
Guest vocals on 'Deliver Us': Kyle Rilkoff
Guest vocals on 'One Reason': Laura-Anne Hickli

Thank you to all our friends, families and fans for your love and support.
Every Hour Kills uses: Fractal Audio, .strandberg* Guitars, Bareknuckle Pickups, Dingwall Basses

Artwork by Tyler Reitan Design